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Important public notices pertaining to Clifton City Government are listed on this page. If you believe there is a posting error, or you have a question pertaining to information on this page, please contact City Hall.

No Water Restrictions at this Time

Water Conservation Measures

As a consequence of the continuing drought throughout the State and in compliance with a letter from the Director of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, on Monday September 26th, the City Council directed that additional water conservation measures be enacted for users of the City of Clifton’s water system. Both voluntary and mandatory measures are to be followed :

1) Voluntary water conservation measures:
  The City Council requests each user to reduce monthly water usage by 20 percent. For example, a household that typically uses 5,000 gallons of water per month is asked to reduce usage to 4,000 gallons per month. A business that uses 20,000 gallons per month is asked to reduce usage to 16,000 gallons.
2) Mandatory water conservation measures:
a) The mandatory twice weekly lawn watering schedule is based on the last digit of your street address:
i) Customers with odd street addresses may water lawns on Saturdays & Wednesdays,
ii) Customers with even addresses may water lawns on Sundays & Thursdays,
b) Lawn watering on those days is allowed from midnight to 10:00am and 8:00pm to midnight,

c) Flower beds, shrubs, and trees may be hand-watered any day, at any time.
d) Car, pavement and window washing are prohibited except when using a hand-held bucket.
e) Uses of water from the City of Clifton water system which are not essential for public health or safety are prohibited, including, but not limited to:
i) Filling of swimming pools;
ii) Street washing;
iii) Water hydrant flushing; and
iv) Public park and athletic field watering.
3) Penalty. Per section 1-9 of the Clifton Code of Ordinances, users of the city water system who do not comply with this directive shall be issued citations to appear before the Municipal Court, and will be subject to a maximum fine of $500 for each day of noncompliance.

Individual exceptions to these measures must be considered by the City Council. To be placed on the agenda, call City Hall 675-8337.

Clarification of TCEQ drought contingency stages.  The City of Clifton is reported as being in Stage 1 under TCEQ plan criteria.  This criteria meets Clifton's Stage 2 trigger and as a result should be consider as one in the same.

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