Police Department

Contact Information

Chief of Police - Chief Mark Leger

Office Hours
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

402 W. 3rd St
Clifton, TX 76634

Phone: (254) 675-6620

Departmental Makeup

The Clifton Police Department employs 7 full-time officers and 0 reserve officers with a combined peace officer experience of over 90 years. Three of these officers are qualified to be Master Certified Peace Officers.

Technology and Training

Patrol units are equipped with laptop computers that are linked by radio to state-wide databases with information on people and vehicles. All officers attend training throughout the year to maintain and expand their Peace officer certification statuses.

Community Programs

The Clifton Police Department has put programs into place to better serve the people they protect. Officers routinely visit the school campus and walk the halls; they visit all local businesses on a regular basis, and perform numerous programs within the community. The officers participate in youth activities and give of their time in helping local programs such as summer baseball, little dribblers basketball, youth fair and rodeo, and school functions just to name a few.

The Police Department works closely with other agencies within the County to share information and ideas to make Clifton a safe and friendly place for everyone to live. Cooperation and communication is vital within the law enforcement community. The Clifton Police Department continues to work hard in maintaining the highest standards.

Code Enforcement

The Clifton Police Department is responsible for Code Enforcement in the City of Clifton.